Why to use Vista (even if you don’t use Vista)

I’ve found that booting from the Vista DVD can be useful, even if you don’t have Vista loaded on a computer.

 For example, I spent a day last week helping a customer recover from a failing hard drive on a Windows 2000 Professional computer.  Of course, she didn’t have the local administrator password, and my password reset disk would not work because the NTFS volume showed a dirty shutdown.

So, how did I get it fixed?  I booted off the Vista DVD, and chose the option to Repair instead of Install Vista.  Vista then tried to auto-detect the installation, and could not find one.  However, if you click next on this screen, it opens up a variety of recovery options, including Memory Diagnostics, the Complete PC Restore Option, and a Command Prompt.

 I was able to start the Command Prompt, run CHKDSK multiple times, and at least get the drive clean enough to reset the administrator password, log in, and image the failing hard drive to a newer working hard drive.

 Hope this helps someone out there;


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