Book Review–Oh the Places You’ll Go!

 As the proud father of a little girl, I’ve had a chance to reconnect somewhat with my own childhood and the great authors and books I remember loving as a kid.  And I didn’t want to start off with too serious a book review for our first one, so I thought I’d pick an all-time classic with an underlying message.

 One of those timeless authors is Theodor Geisel, known and loved by millions as Dr. Seuss.  I remember reading classics like The Cat in the Hat all the time as a small child.  Now that I’m reading the books to my daughter, I’m reminded that a lot of the great children’s books have messages that transcend just telling a good story.

Oh the Places You’ll Go! is one of those books.  If you read the book and think about the message, it applies to anyone starting out on a new path in life.  With recent economic woes affecting many of our co-workers in technology and other fields, that could be any of us.

 Take a few minutes and reconnect with your inner child with this book.  You’ll be glad you did.

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