Book Review–Pro SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

I’m not sure whether to be excited or disappointed about this book.  The authors (Landrum, McGehee, and Voytek) try to explain SQL Server Reporting Services in a conversational tone, which I find much lighter and easier to read than most technical books. 

As an occasional user of other reporting software and tools, I am starting to learn SQL Server Reporting Services to have another option that a lot of people have already bought with their purchase of SQL Server.  This book helps, but also hurts….  🙂

 The book succeeds in describing SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services concepts and theory in a format that someone like myself new to Reporting Services can understand.  Unfortunately, a lot of the code examples have issues, and don’t work exactly as described (or they are assuming a level of knowledge I don’t have that means there are other things I should be doing not in the step by step instructions….)

 Overall, not a bad book, but not really a good one either.  Not sure I would spend the 40 bucks on it again.


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