Windows 7 XP Mode is shipping

Those of you who have taken my Windows 7 First Look classes know that I am excited about Windows 7 XP Mode, basically a free version of Windows XP SP3 available to people running Windows 7 Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate on computers supporting hardware virtualization.  This Windows XP virtual machine can have older incompatible applications installed in it that show up on our Start Menu just like any other application.

 The release schedule for Windows 7 XP Mode was unknown until today, when Microsoft released that Windows 7 XP Mode (and by necessity the new version of Virtual PC, which is what the XP virtual machine runs in) will be available for download from the Microsoft Download Center on 10/22/2009, the same day as Windows 7 is released to the public.

I haven’t been this excited about an operating system since, well, I can’t remember….


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